20 stats about selling to boomers

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20 stats about selling to boomers
By Daniel Williams, Mary Shaub

Business is booming for those who sell to boomers, a market that is rapidly retiring and facing a host of financial questions. This market wants an advisor who can give holistic financial advice, while keeping information straightforward and to the point. They also require a range of products to meet their needs, from life insurance to annuities (fixed and variable) to mutual funds. Our infographic below shares the results from Retirement Advisor’s 2014 Boomer Survey, taken by 350 of your peers.

For more content from the 2014 Boomer Survey, visit www.LifeHealthPro.com/2014BoomerSurvey .

About the Author:

Daniel Williams, Editor-in-Chief of the new Retirement Advisor magazine (formerly Senior Market Advisor) and Annuities Channel Editor for LifeHealthPro.com, is an award-winning journalist and business editor with extensive experience in print, online and trade shows. Prior to joining Senior Market Advisor, Daniel was editor of Real Estate Southern California magazine and West Coast South Bureau Chief of GlobeSt.com, both are divisions of Real Estate Media. Previously, he covered the commercial real estate beat for the Orange County Business Journal. While there, he received a certificate of merit from SABEW (the Society of American Business Editors and Writers Inc.) for a story on «OCs Cash Economy.» A native of the Deep South, Daniel relocated from Los Angeles to Denver with his wife and daughter and can be reached at [email protected] or on Twitter @LHPro_Annuities.

Source: LifeHealthPRO, April 16, 2014.


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